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RF drivers for Deflectors & Agile Frequency Shifters

VCO drivers (Voltage Controlled Oscillator)

Variable frequency source, based on VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator)

These drivers are suitable for general purpose applications (raster scan, or random access...). The VCO can be modulated (amplitude) from an external signal.
The frequency is externally controlled by an analog signal (0-10V). An external medium power amplifier will be required to generate the RF power levels required by the AO device.
The sweeping time (<1µs for instance) corresponds to the minimum time to sweep from Fmin to Fmax or Fmax to Fmin.

Frequency range Adapted at factory to AO device
Max 50-110, 60-150, 90-210, 150-300, 200-350 MHz (Other on request)
Frequency control 0-10 V/ 10 Kohms
Modulation Input 0-5 V / 50 Ohms
Sweeping Time ≤1 μs
Power Supply 24VDC or 110-230 VAC
Output RF Power Nominal 0 dBm (to be matched with AA power amplifier)
► On request DRFA1.5Y 85-135 MHz, sweeping time 150 ns

DDS drivers (Direct Digital Synthesizer)

DDSxx, Variable frequency source based on DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer)

To get a high resolution driver with fast switching time, AA has designed direct digital synthesizers based on monolithic IC circuits. 3 models have already been released, and different units can be designed to specific requirements.
These models offer high frequency accuracy and stability and extremely fast switching times, generally of a few tens of nanoseconds (40 to 100). The DAC circuits have been designed with utmost care to obtain clean RF signals, with minimum spurious noise.

Data Sheet: DDSPA-XX
Frequency range Max 10-350 MHz (400 MHz on request)
Frequency control 15, 23 or 31 bits (1 bit E/D)
Frequency Step 15 KHz, 60 Hz, 0.25 Hz
Modulation Input 0-5 V / 50 Ohms (8 bits on request)
Access Time 40, 64, 80 ns
Power Supply 24VDC or 110-230 VAC
► On request USB Controller for PC, designed to drive 1 or 2 DDSPA through USB port (Windows XP/NT)

USB controller for DDSPA

This simple tool allows user to control its DDS driver thanks to its computer with a USB link.The provided software allows user to set manually frequency and power (option 8 bits) to the corresponding synthesizer. This is a simple tool for laboratories. It does not allow dynamic control.